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Bio: I am masters student in the department of Technology Education at West Virginia University's College of Education and Human Resources. My major field of concentration is the Integration of Technology in Science instruction and how Instructional Technologies can be used to enhance learner centered environments.

Originally from Kenya, a country in East Africa, I got my bachelor's degree in education with a major in Physics and a minor in Mathematics from Egerton University, Nakuru Kenya. I have one year experience as a classroom teacher at Naivasha High School, Kenya, before joining KIMKAM Education Consultants International, Nairobi. At KIMKAM I was in charge of research and data collection on the trends in Kenyan Higher Education Institutions with focus on the gap between private and public institutions. I hope to graduate in fall 2005 and possibly enroll in the Doctoral program.





Philosophy: "Anything that can go wrong will, have contingencies make the difference. Murphy's Law."

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