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In General
  • Many accessibility issues may be addressed on the users end.

    • can enlarge text

    • can adjust font size, screen size, etc.

  • Accessibility features are built into Microsoft Products

    • if you have an early version of Windows or Win NT, go to and download the Access Pack files.

    • if QWERTY doesn't work for you, check out any of the three Dvorak layouts at

      • if you type with your left hand only

      • if you are a two-handed user

      • if you type with your right hand only

  • For later versions of Microsoft... check the Accessibility Wizard or Control Panel (several options) on your computer.

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FrontPage specific
  • you have an option to type in alternate text for many hyperlinks and pictures. (When a person mouses over an image, the name of the image file appears (sonymav-628 for example). You may add descriptive text that will display during a mouse over instead (Big Ben, London).    


Butterfly on a really cold day. Picture Wise:
1.  right click an image
2. select "picture properties"
3. select the "General" tab
4. type in your alternate text in the empty box next to "text"

(Mouse over the butterfly for an example.)

Text Wise:
1. create your hyperlink
2. right click on your word(s)
3. select "hyperlink properties"
4. in the pop-up window select "Screen Tip"
5. type in descriptive text.

(Mouse over the "Home" button for an example.)

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More than you want to know
  • Interested in addressing the needs of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act that concerns courses for those who are visually or hearing impaired?
    More about Section 508 by visiting and 
  • In the March 2002 issue of OnlineLearning, references were given for the following sites. I have not checked these, use them at your own risk. Free online testing utilities to evaluate your material are available: 
  • Download a copy of the JAWS reader and test your content:  This may used to evaluate your online course.
  • There is a PhotoShop plug-in to evaluate for colorblindness. Also go to this site: 

We are not addressing these issues in-depth, but this might provide a future reference.

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