A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far, away...

The awesome green planet of Paper Planet
emerges from a total eclipse, her two moons 
glowing aga
inst the darkness. 
A tiny yellow spacecraft, a Rebel Pencil Runner firing 
eraser crumbs from the back of the ship, 
races through space. It is purs
ued by a 
giant Imperial Digital destroyer. 
Hundreds of deadly delete buttons streak from the 
Imperial Digital destroyer, 
causing the main solar fin of the 
Rebel craft to disintegrate. 

During the battle, 
Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans 
to the Empire's ultimate weapon, 
the Surge Suppressor  Control Star, 
an armored space station with enough 
power to destroy an entire planet 
with the flick of a switch. 
Pursued by the Empire's sinister agents, 
the pilot of a second, and slightly used,  
Rebel Pencil Runner  races home, 
custodian of the stolen blueprints 
which detail the grids used to construct the 
Surge Suppressor Control Star's
inner workings... plans that can save the  people 
of the neighboring moons and planets 
and restore freedom to the galaxy...

Join the Frequent Flyers in their journey
through the planets. Learn as much
as you can so you can join their forces
and help discover the secrets contained
in the stolen blueprints. 

Click on the Rocket Man to begin your travels.

This unit was designed  as a project for an educational technology course at  West Virginia University.
Course instructors were Dr. John G. Wells & Dr. R. Neal Shambaugh. 
May the Force be with you.


Originally designed April 2000
(Some links to outside resources and references may no longer work.)

Last update: 09.18.2005

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