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  Screen Shots from TE 750 (Web-Based Instructional Design)
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There were two sections for TE 750. These screen shots are from a cohort section. The site included an intro page where a student could select either section, a syllabus (top center), and a detailed schedule (top, far right). The class met once a month in one of two places (location alternated between two schools). A detailed schedule listed times, topics, links to presentations & handouts and links to homework assignments for the weeks that the class didn't meet (bottom, far left).

Each assignment page contained hot links to readings, questions based on the readings, and other pertinent materials. The site included a FAQs page (below, center) with the most frequently asked questions. The students were also able to email the instructor with a question they thought should be included on the page. Additional Q & A were added as the semester progressed. A search page allowed student to search within the TE 750 web site. A glossary of terms and a site map (below far right) added support for class participants.

Additional pages (not pictured) included links to information regarding HTML editing, pedagogy/theory, instructional design, examples, and PowerPoint presentations.

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